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My Occupation

Being a Slave to mastering Self!

My Hobbies

Writing and Producing.

Years in the Game. Since 93'

7 Years on the Net. 2 years

Status. Signed to B.R.A.V.O. Inc. CEO of New World Chaos Records

Audios. "The Payback"

Click Here For Audio

Crew. "B.R.A.V.O" on the net "Prosodists Apostlez"

Werdz. I'd like to start off by saying peace to the Godz and Earths and all my a-alikes out there. As far as lyrics....just check out my posts. Some of y'all might have peeped me on Ell Oh, New Jerusalem, Ground Zero or Sacred Society, under different names.... if you have you know that I'm a legend on this net shit. I am a veteran so all that newbie shyt is out of the question when I hit your scene. If you don't like what I'm saying e-mail me and I'll come and take over your I'm just a battlin' ass knigga, need I say More? Do the KnOwLeDgE!!!

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